The Ripple Effect

by Coastlines

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Recorded by Matt Washburn @ Ledbelly Studios in Atlanta GA
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released July 6, 2013

additional vocals on "Frailty of a Fallen Sun" provided by Dave Carter of Maker



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Coastlines Savannah, Georgia

Jonathan Whittle
Wesley Graham
John Edwards
Nolan Mobley


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Track Name: To Forge A Dying Thought
Violins complain...about the winter again
Another wreckage pried by atrocities, you can't defend
Help me understand why I stand at the standpoint of destruction
As the ledge breaks, I only wish to be caught in your web
Web of suffering/I'm your nothing
You are nothing
Light feet gently floated to another
My heart was burdened, my path was smothered
By the throat, you held me close
Your love erodes most of me when time erodes everything
I thought we were something more than just lost at sea
Direction comes with time with a renewed mind
It doesn't matter what you come from, they say
Just matters what you've left behind
What if that fading shadow was mine?
Do I matter?
The privilege to die, with nothing greater to say
To kiss the fingertips, scratch the surface...
Of my grace
Regeneration of self
To forge a dying thought
Track Name: The Statement
With this writ of contempt I plead,
I reshape my tolerence,
To withstand this listless guilt
Fixated on the skeletal wreck of man
From a threaded lie,
By one burning life
To purify an adamant mind, blistered to the bone
My awareness spawns the end with spite; No love condoned
Will we spiral down to our misconceptions?
Or rise from our lost, corrupted, and blinded perceptions?
Disavow every thought of temperance,
As we hold true to our own opinions
A mind idle of progression thinks not to think of reason
A heart born in confinement think that this love is freedom
In a sense of oppression
In the middle of a slanting room,
I'm emitting questioning sighs
In time, you'll learn what's killing you
You're pushing me to push you away
Thanks to you, I have learned to respect this life
For the ones dying to survive
Reflect and defy
I detest with downpours of disapproval,
As you decline to your display of death
May we act on the agony of ourselves,
To mend the misery for the ones we love,
By tipping the scales
Track Name: Reflection's Void
Be not far from me
Mere scar judged forth my reflections
Overdosed by pleasure,
When patience was my only medicine

How far are we willing to fall?

Adhering to emotionless cries,
Of the distance between you and I
The motive slips as time pierce the frames
I will progress as pictures burn the same

Nothing- in response
No gesture of defeat
Nothing- of respect
No tone of apathy

You put my heart at war

Tyranny led by contradictions
Breathes old love by premonitions
From heart to bone,
You're reflection's last void

Be not far from me
With no thoughts of confinement
Overdosed by patience
Adhering to this love...

By silence
Track Name: Frailty of a Fallen Sun (Ft. Dave Carter of Maker)
Why have I become diluted?
To my mistakes, for my heartbreaks
There's a pain inside of my heart that can never be taken away
Each beat that I live, love always forgets my name
So say goodbye,
Grief cuts deep into my eyes
When the sun goes sun,
I'm hung by the roots of your lies
So I say...
We were too young to be in love
The fallen sun devoured by the deepest sea,
Was my burning love before you let me sink
You said you'd die for me,
Are those words that you truly mean?
I thought you loved me,
But you let me sink
Track Name: Disavow
I dissolved into the sun,
As her lovely ringlets intertwined as one
Sleep is a rose, blossoming in my wake
As the thorns dream to puncture my dying name
I dreamt to grasp the fact,
You never wanted the best of me
As virtue turns haunting and stale,
Would you take the time you see things differently?
You turned your back and you lost a friend
Story of my life. Cut off. The end.
Forsake, for the sake of resistance
Everything I trusted in your material world,
Brings callousness and fault, given forth a reason to fail
May we collapse from the lack of better words,
And fall even deeper for just waiting our turns
In memory of myself
In memory of restlessness
In memory of everything
Unsaid. Unseen. Unsettled.
I'd rather chase the wind as the world madly spins
I was left to bruise, with my unused weapon, poised
You string me along
Cut from the faceless
Prepare for the freefall
Pangs of jealousy fill your world of hatred